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Fixed Shower Seat

Item Code: DSC-A460


Main Material: Compounding of Aluminium+PU

Item MRP: ₹ 37,822.00
Categories: Handicap, Seats

Wall-Mounted Shower Chair for Compounding Aluminium+PU
Ensure shower safety with our robust wall-mounted shower chair, expertly crafted using high-quality PU materials for durability and comfort. Designed for professional installation, it features a sturdy frame and strong hinges, providing reliable support in shower environments.
Strong and Durable Construction
Constructed from high-quality PU materials, our shower chair is built to last. Its durable frame and robust hinges ensure stability and safety, supporting weights of up to 150kg. This makes it a dependable choice for elderly individuals, pregnant women, and others requiring secure seating during showering.
Space-Saving Foldable Design
The shower chair's innovative design allows the arms to open outward, enabling the seat to fold compactly against the wall when not in use. This space-saving feature is ideal for bathrooms where space is limited, ensuring convenience without compromising safety.
Safe and Practical Installation
Professionally installed, the shower chair is securely mounted to the wall, providing a stable seating solution that enhances bathroom accessibility. It is designed with user safety in mind, offering peace of mind during shower use.
Versatile Use
Suitable for a variety of users, our wall-mounted shower chair enhances comfort and safety in the bathroom. Its ergonomic design and sturdy construction make it an essential addition for those needing reliable support while showering.
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