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Support Arm 700MM With Curtain

Item Code: DA-700Y


Item MRP: ₹ 22,218.00
Categories: , Handicap

High Quality & Durable - The height adjustable shower seat with arms and backrest are made from reinforced UF materials and attach onto a vertical wall track. The backrest is removable. The wall track made in solid aluminum is professionally installed to wall. The shower seat can hold up to 150kgs, the arms can hold up 40kgs each.  There is hydraulic damper kits make the seat soft open. It has passed the test of time, reliable for elderly, pregnant woman and others in shower use in static test and life cycle 

·    The Medline bath and shower chair provides safe and comfortable bathing and showering. Height adjustable with a sturdy, durable aluminum wall track and movable rack allow users to customize chair based on specific preferences.


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