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Shower Chair (Foldable)

Item Code: DP-8843-2


Item MRP: ₹ 15,743.00
Categories: Handicap, Seats

  • Main Material: Compounding of Nylon and Aluminium

    Color of Nylon: White

  •  Because of our Shower Stool is ideal for the elderly, seniors, adults, disabled, pregnant women or those who have trouble bending, stretching, have arthritis, recent knee or hip surgery, or are rehabilitating. It helps reduce the stress and unease that arises from a fear of falling while in the tub or shower.
  • Material: Stainless steel tube plastic coated steel base, nylon base with non-slip particles, non-slip wear-resistant.
  • Maximum load capacity: 185kg (easily load-bearing)
  • Design: The lightweight shower stool provides support and stability during bathing. It is safe and convenient. It is sturdy and stylish. It can be used directly and foldable when not in use, saving space.

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