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Shower Chair (Foldable) with Backrest

Item Code: DP-8841


Item MRP: ₹ 16,291.00
Categories: Handicap, Seats

About this item

  • Main Material: Compounding of Nylon and Aluminium

    Color of Nylon: White

  • ?SAFETY DESIGN?Designed with rounded corners and edges for a pleasant seating experience while bathing,also protects against injuries if accidentally bumped.The panel uses anti-slip particles to increase friction!
  • ?STABLE CONSTRUCTION?Folding Bath Bench,use stainless steel pipe,which is anticorrosive and not rusty, can be used for long term in humid environment.wear-resistant and fire-resistant,and bears better load,It can bear 150KG.
  • ?WALL-MOUNTED FOLDING DESIGN?Wall-mounted folding chair ,Easy to fold(90 degree), safe to retrieve and release, easy to retrieve, no space is occupied and space is saved when retracted.
  • ?MULTIFUNCTION?Designed for use in bathrooms, this foldable Shower Bench Seat can be used in any room in the house.It's ideal for giving guests somewhere to take off shoes or creating small rest areas where you need them

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