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Hand Rail 600mm

Item Code: DP-8849-3


Item MRP: ₹ 8,740.00
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About this item

  • Safety Foldable Grab Bar for Bathroom: For people with mobility-impared and low strength, there is a higher possibility of losing balance to slip away when sitting or standing. This flip up grab bar can be installed besides toilet, where you can get up or sit down easily and safe or can be put whereever you need to get arm support like bathtub, doorway
  • Solid Stainless Steel Frame: 1.38 inch diameter stainless steel heavy duty toiet grab bar, U-shaped frame provides strong safety and stability
  • Leg Support for Stability: Leg support transfer the pressure to the wall to the floor, which provides strong support and ease for handhold. Loading capacity is up to 330lbs
  • Strong Anchor to the Wall: 0.24 inch thicker steel plate, 4 strong stainless steel hex socket expansion bolt, 4 wood screwscombined guarantee firm grip and strong anchor of the swing up grab bar to the wall, which provides stability and security when impose pressure on it
  • Flip Up Design, Perfect for Small Space: The grab arm bar can be folded horizontal when use, folded up and lean to the wall by 180 degree rotation when off use, which is space saving and perfect for small place. This feature also leave no bother to other family members who doesn't need the grab bar in daily life

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